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I am a qualified Homeopathic doctor with a degree of B.H.M.S (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery) from an esteemed college in Mumbai, India.I further continued with my post graduation P.G(Hom) and Fellowship F.H.C.H from London,UK.

As a registered and insured member of the The Society of Homeopaths (RSHom), the UK's largest professional Homeopathic Organization, I am bound by the strict Code of Ethics of Homeopathic practice. Am also registered under the Mumbai Homeopathic Practioners Act [PSA], India.

Born into a homeopathic family, I couldn't escape my genes. Being a Third Generation Homeopath I began my journey into the Homeopathic world by accompanying my father to his clinics at a very young age. The magical cures of various diseases in my father’s consultation charmed me to pursue the Homeopathic degree. Also drawing wide medical knowledge from various eminent teachers across the globe, I have a great experience in treating a vast array of diseases both physical and emotional.

However I do specialize in treating various children health issues and skin disorders.

I spend sufficient time with every patient and receives all details to analyses the way symptoms affects the patient and the way he expresses their changed state of well-being. I thus understands the patient's mind-body dynamics and finally links that to the associated homeopathic medicine, using a simple and holistic approach. The medicine thus prescribed produces the ability and strength to deal with the stressed environment and hence positively affect the patients’ health.

I have being practicing homeopathy since 2001, although was clinically assisting my father much earlier.I currently work in Harley Street, London and from my home in Kent. My scheduled trips to India allows me to manage patients at my home town in Mumbai.

Being a Homeopath of strong conviction I seeks to restore the vibrant state of well-being in every patient visiting me irrespective of the disease he or she is suffering from.