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Homeopathy is holistic, scientific, logical and effective natural medical science which treats the person suffering and not the disease. It stimulates and restores the body's own innate curative ability to heal itself quickly, gently and with no toxic or unwanted side effects thereby guiding the body back to health.

Today Homeopathy represents the second most used medicine in the world and is consistently increasing in popularity.

Homeopathy existed many centuries ago.The Indians “Prana”and the Chinese “Qi”was the life force or vital energy which had the ability to find balance and heal to the deviated energy level or weakened body. Later the Ancient Greeks followed it. Aristotle carried on these teachings and Hippocrates coined the phrase “like cures like ”which is the basic philosophy of Homeopathic Science. This principle was discussed by William Cutler in 1789 and finally in 1796 Dr.Samuel Hahnemann gave it the official recognition and thus the medical practice of Homeopathy was born.

The holistic philosophy of Homeopathy makes no separation between our body, mind and emotions and recognises that symptoms are a sign of an underlying imbalance.

Homeopathy is an energy medicine which restores the immune system by means of administering highly diluted and dynamited elements from natural sources.